Concious Energy


Let it be understood that Meditation is a Discipline (an activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill) and that all forms are a Conditioning process. By this very nature it is a process over time requiring regular and dedicated practice to realize results. It is also of great benefit that in this time you have allotted yourself to this practice, one lets go of inhibiting thoughts and 'restrictions' of what can and cannot be.

Be open and free from limitation, it only exists in your mind anyway.


The practice of Stillness Meditation & relaxation for quieting the​ mind, attaining inner peace and enlightenment.

​Utilizing fundamental breathing techniques, this is a simple yet powerful method of Meditation.

An essential first step to more advanced practice.

Concious Energy

​The practice of purposeful, focused Meditation & Visualization to harness and focus ones will to internally affect and direct Chi and Pranic flow for the purposes of Health and Longevity.

Drawing and building upon the foundations of Stillness Meditation practice, these energising and revitalising techniques will allow you to deepen your practice and provide perspective on your path to Health Conscious self realization.


An advanced course of internal practice this method aims to guide the practitioner to unveiling and unifying the greater aspects of oneself and their potential.

​This practice incorporates the methods of Stillness and Conscious Energy techniques, requiring the individual to be well practiced & proficient in these two disciplines. 

The above are offered as a minimum class size (4 or more). Please direct any questions and enquires via phone or email.