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Polarity Therapy

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What is Polarity Bodywork and what does it involve?


Polarity Therapy is a touch therapy, there is no use of oils or creams applied to the skin. Using the fingers, thumbs and utilizing varying degrees of pressure and movement at specific locations Polarity Therapy affects a therapeutic energetic change within the body. It is a two handed modality, meaning both hands are in contact with the clients body when delivering treatment at all times.

Is it an intensive treatment? Is it invasive at all?


The intensity of the treatment depends on what is called for and weather it is appropriate for the individual. A client feeling lethargic and sluggish may need vigorous movement to inspire their energy to ‘spark up’. But if that client had broken bones or headaches then a more mild approach is called for. The professional will always inform you first and check to see if you are comfortable. Polarity Therapy is in no way invasive. At no point should any Professional Therapist of ANY discipline engage in inappropriate physical contact. There are techniques where the fingers are placed in proximity to the mouth, ears, and perineum but this will always be with consent.


‘The professional will always inform you first and check to see if you are comfortable’ and if not, will pursue an alternate route to treatment.

Is there a "typical" treatment period, or a minimum course of treatment?

A ‘typical’ treatment period spans 5 consecutive treatments at regular intervals. This can be as simple as 1 session a week or two sessions in the first week followed by regular weekly treatments.  

Each individual is uniquely different. That is why each client receives an individual prescription of treatment and intervals will vary. 


A minimum treatment period is two sessions. The second treatment is primarily to ground the therapeutic effects of the first (making sure the energetic currents and lines of force have not been reset) and to assess the effects of the Polarity balancing on the other structures, functions and energies of the body that were not the primary focus of the first treatment.

Who can gain benefit from Polarity Therapy?


​Anyone and everyone! Especially the Elderly (their response to Polarity Therapy is phenomenal!). Those having suffered trauma or any chronic conditions. Vim and vigour return as Polarity Therapy affects and inspires the life current at the core of ones vitality. Anyone feeling low on energy, polarity re-charges you (literally).​ ​​Clients continuously report feelings of profound relaxation, Expansion, Clarity, Purpose, New heights of energy and a greater sense of Wellbeing. Aches & Pains diminish or vanish entirely and the quality of sleep & life improves.​

Polarity Therapy is truly a Therapy of betterment to the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.​

​Even if there’s nothing 'physically' wrong, other people will validate your revivification after a Polarity treatment.

How does Counseling fit into a Polarity session?

Counseling is geared towards promoting an uplifting and optimistic perspective on life and its circumstances. As we are all continuously evolving through our lives, Polarity Therapy guides us in a 'working education of ourselves' to understand why and how we develop blocks in our life energy and subsequent pain/ discomfort in our mind and body. This counseing is delivered during physical treatment as opposed to 'couch-side'. 

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