Steven Sass

- Principle Therapist
  • Dip. of Remedial Massage Therapy 

  • Cert. IV in Massage Therapy 

  • Cert. IV in Relaxation Massage

  • Cert. IV in Polarity Therapy

  • Cert. in Spa & Clay Therapies

  • Level II Reki Practitioner     (Usui Method)

  • Cert. IV Trainer/ Assessor

  • Certified by Hahana Hot Stone

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Certified Healthcare Provider

Accredited WorkSafe Provider

Over the past 20 years I have had some exceptional teachers and mentors including Barbara McGregor, Jan Bucknell, Dr. Gary Wohleman, Brad Hiskins (AIS), Prof. Raymond Carroll, Jean Alain D'Argent and all the Masters at Golden Lion Academe which has allowed me to continuously evolve both as a Massage Therapist & Healer. Currently I am pursuing a 5 year Double Bachelors Degree in Chinese Medicine at RMIT University.


Graduating from the esteemed E.S.T.T College of Natural Medicine, my career has taken me through various clinical settings, sporting events and also through the Spa industry. I have supported Athletes on the field, had people snoring in paradise and helped many effectively lower stress and integrate a healthier lifestyle.


Combining Massage & various Touch Therapies with the life affirming principles & disciplines of Qi

Gong,Kung fu, Yoga and Polarity Therapy I am able to offer a unique and balanced professional

health perspective.

I am constantly seeking new techniques, therapies and complimentary products to integrate into my 

Health Plans, as I strive to provide my clients with as many ‘Keys to Health and Wellness’ as i can.


My passion is to assist people to realize a healthy and vibrant state of Body, Mind & Lifestyle while

attaining and maintaining, an enabled & empowered vision of themselves.


I look forward to assisting you in achieving a vitalized, true state of health and harmony.

What I can assist you with:

  • RSI

  • Headache 

  • Neck Pain 

  • Back Pain 

  • Digestive Dysfunction

  • Soft Tissue Dysfunction

  • Breathing Difficulties 

  • Low  Energy/ Vitality 

  • Low Self Esteem/ Stress/ Anxiety

  • Wellness Cultivation & Lifestyle

Relaxation Therapies

Energetic/ Vitality Therapies

Sport Performance Optimization

Yoga & Meditation


Holistic Wellness Cultivation

Special Interests:

  • Athlete Support & Performance Optimization

  • Refining  Movement and Exercise

  • Health Nutrition

  • Kung Fu

  • Energetic Medicine  

  • Breath of Life 

  • Qi Gong 

  • Wellness Cultivation

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Sports Therapy Experience:

  • Colac 6 Day race (2004/05/06)

  • Relay for Life (2008) 

  • Gatorade Battle of the Paddles - 2013 

  • Hilly Half Marathon (Hamilton Island) - 2013

I have treated many athletes pre, post & ‘in event’ both local and international including Yannis Kouros at the end of his 2005 WR breaking track time in Colac 2005.

Spa Industry Experience:

Delivering Various Massage & Aesthetic Therapies as well as management and treatment design spanning 10 years.

  • Hamilton Island

  • Laurel Beauty & Spa

  • Spa Dreamtime

  • Body Freedom

"A journey of a thousand miles [true health] begins with a single step"
- Confucius
... "but it is not a journey if that is the only step you take"
- Steven Sass



: 0414 431 644


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