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Corporate Services

Visionary leaders don't look at


what is,


they look at what could be ...

Are you wanting to reward your amazing staff for their hard work and commitment to excellence?


Is your Company looking for a unique point of difference to drive that product or promotional event?


I've got you covered, with professional onsite service solutions in Massage and Corporate Wellness. 

onsite massage, seated massage, corporate services, corporate wellness,
On-Site Seated or Table Massage


Practical, time efficient and convenient while also being a great boost to staff morale. Many businesses both large and small can benefit from

onsite massage & wellness service providers. As both a reward Incentive to your valued staff or adding that WOW factor to your events and promotions, the versatility of Professional Seated Massage is quite broad.


No mater the size and scope I can tailor a package to suit your business, staff and budget.

staff incentive, staff rewards, team building, increase morale,

Staff Incentives



Everyone loves a Massage!


When put in the workplace it's hard to find an employee who doesn't sigh in relief at just the mention of a Massage. Weather it be 15, 30 or 60min EVERYONE will love their job just that bit more after an onsite Massage.


Staff feel appreciated above all else which, has been proven to produce a stronger sense of workplace loyalty, reduce the number of sick days and motivate staff to achieve above and beyond without effort - because they actually WANT to.


Also great for strengthening team relations.

ohs compliance, health and safety,

OHS Compliance


OHS is a huge component to a successful company policy and a big initiative by Unions and local/federal Government.


Your OHS officer will agree with me - prevention is far better than a cure.


Investing in your employees health & wellbeing is a proactive step in the right direction and demonstrates initiative on your behalf as a responsible, progressive Employer.


What better way than hassle free, convenient in-house services that tick all the boxes?

corporate promotions, events, corporate exposure,

Promotional Initiative


Give your company an instantly recognizable point of difference that everyone notices and will gravitate towards.


Collaborating directly with your event organizer I want to get familiar with your product, occasion or message to better facilitate the professional experience and provide a united front for your company.


I pride myself on Professional Presence and etiquette which stands head and shoulders above the rest. Why align your company with run of the mill, half hearted service providers  when you can stand out with the best?

Talk to me today to organize a 'No Obligation' free workplace consultation.

- Steven Sass (Principle Therapist)

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