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Reiki is an Ancient art of hands-on healing where Life Force is transferred through the practitioner and to the Client.



This life force energy is everywhere, in all living things. It is Universal.



With Reiki you only receive what you need of this Universal Life Force to allow your body to heal through it's own intelligence.



Profoundly relaxing and nurturing, Reiki in its pure form is an enriching & rejuvenating experience for the mind, body & soul.

The benifits

Essentially the body enters ‘repair mode’​

  • Increaced sence of Calm & Relaxation

  • Stillness of the mind/ Peaceful Reflection

  • Increased oxygenation of the blood

  • Induces Alpha brain rhythm         (8-10Hz) 

Many people report reduction of pain and increased energy following a Reki session.

Treatment Time

45 - 90 min

Is Life a Tornado?



Reiki can help you find the  'Eye of the Storm' to regain clarity and relaxed focus in as little as 45min!



Longer sessions will of course provide a deeper experience.

Further Reading

Please click here to enjoy some additional reading and background information. 

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