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Sports Massage

* Health Fund Rebates available *

There are a huge number of us training and exercising, weather for an event, competition or just to keep fit & healthy.


We all know how good it feels to be on form, pushing through our limits and getting to the next level.


It's awesome!


Eventually some aches and pains can set in, minor injuries take our edge or keep building up until we are seriously compromised and off the field or out of the gym for days or weeks at a time - not awesome.


This is where Massage really can save the day - there is a tried and true reason EVERY professional athlete has Massage Therapy as a huge part of their training regimen. 


Remember: a single prevention is worth a thousand cures.

The benefits

  • ​Increased Bloodflow and circulation to assist Recovery & Repair

  • Lengthens Contracted Muscle Fiber

  • Improves flexability & movement

  • Realigns Scar Tissue

  • Prompts Relaxation and Repair after training

  • Reduces tension related anxiety

  • Reduces pain

Pre/ Post Event

30 - 60 min

  • Great before/ after Competition, training or the Gym

  • Invigorating Massage to prime muscles for action or slower paced to promote circulation, relaxation and repair

  • Improves flexability, movement & reduces recovery time

  • Focuses the Mind & Attitude for success !

Athlete Support

45 - 60 min

  • For the serious Professional

  • Guided by a detailed Physical Assesment

  • Treatment is tailored to fit your personal event and training regimine

  • Periodic follow up with your trainer/ PT to maximise performance potential

*This service may attract an additional surcharge depending on individual requirements and the degree of service sought.

Please contact me directly via phone or email to request this service.

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