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August 07, 2017

Tim P.

Client at Chadstone Massage Centre

" Having initially went in to see Steve about tight neck muscles, it didn't take him long to fix it, then proceed to go through the long list of other problems that were building up in other areas. Being in my mid 30's, weight training 6 times a week, also playing football and cricket, my body needs constant maintenance.

With Steve's ultra professional, and often fastidious nature, he is able to not only keep me on the park and in the gym, but put me in a position to be pain free - which i haven't been for as long as i can remember. Along with his technical knowledge, he doesn't hesitate to check in in between sessions to see how recovery is going. Highly recommended to anyone. So get in for a visit. "

January 23, 2017

Jason B.

Client at Chadstone Massage Centre

I originally saw Steven to alleviate pain and tightness through my legs, which Steven was able to quickly remedy, and then correctly trace the cause through to my hips, back, and my posture.


What has impressed me most about Steven is his intricate knowledge of the body, and how dedicated he is to finding both a short and long term solution. He'll happily take the time to talk to you, and provide you with tips, stretches and exercises to continue at home.


I've already recommended Steven to some of my friends, and I cannot endorse him highly enough. His service, knowledge, and friendliness are first class.

November 16, 2016

Jacob K.

Client at Chadstone Massage Centre

"I went to see Steven after a night of agony. I woke up at about 1am with what felt like a pinched nerve in my shoulder, with the pain radiating all the way up my neck. I've had nerve pain in my neck on and off for a few years, due to complications from nearly 20 years of type 1 diabetes. The nerve pain in my neck got quite bad by the time I was in his office. Steven was able to greatly reduce the pain for me, and taught me a very simple way to improve my posture, in order to alleviate the pressure on my neck. I've read a few articles, watched short videos and even taken an Alexander technique course to improve my posture, but one simple tip from Steven beat all of that information combined. He's very holistic and intuitive in his approach, which is quite hard to find. I don't think that can be taught. It's been almost one week, I'm for the most part pain free, and looking forward to my next session. Many thanks Steve."

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