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It is my goal to Improve your quality of life while reducing pain, Improving movement and lowering stress to revitalise the body. I strive to provide my clients with as many ‘keys to health and wellness’ as i can.

"I went to see Steven after a night of agony. I woke up at about 1am with what felt like a pinched nerve in my shoulder, with the pain radiating all the way up my neck. I've had nerve pain in my neck on and off for a few years, due to complications from nearly 20 years of type 1 diabetes. The nerve pain in my neck got quite bad by the time I was in his office.


Steven was able to greatly reduce the pain for me, and taught me a very simple way to improve my posture, in order to alleviate the pressure on my neck. I've read a few articles, watched short videos and even taken an Alexander technique course to improve my posture, but one simple tip from Steven beat all of that information combined.


He's very holistic and intuitive in his approach, which is quite hard to find. I don't think that can be taught. It's been almost one week, I'm for the most part pain free, and looking forward to my next session.


Many thanks Steve."

— Jacob K.

Chadstone Massage Centre



From the 5th July 2023 I will be in Nanjing, China until December to complete my internship at Nanjing Hospital of Chinese Medicine and my final assessments. 

As such, my last days for seeing patients will be on the 3rd July 2023.

Thank you to all my patients past and present. Your support and the innumerable opportunities you have provided me to learn and grow have allowed me to get this far in my studies, and are forever appreciated.

Wishing you all the best of health,

- Steven Sass

massage, massage therapy, relaxation, remedial massage, sports massage

It doesn't matter if you're a weekend warrior, training for a marathon or just needing to unplug and unwind from a week of riding the desk - the body can definitely take time to recover, not to mention the mental fatigue.


Speed up recovery from that workout, prevent and manage an injury or take some time out and recharge with the most renowned and time tested method of relaxation.


With over 18 years experience come and feel the difference regular, skilled massage can make to your life from a practiced professional.

wellness, wellness consultation, wellbeing, vitality,

Health, Wellbeing, Vitality ... do we actually know what these things are to us as individuals let alone where to start? 


Have we every experienced this thing called 'Wellness' completely?


There is a world of misinformation and fads that have zero to do with YOU as an individual.

My aim with a Wellness Consultation is to progressively introduce clients to the many facets that go into this phenomenon we call Wellbeing, and to deliver effectively personalized approaches to bring a lasting realization of this diverse state of Health - which is far more than the sum of it's parts.

stress management, anxiety management, stress relief, counselling
headache, headache relief, pain relief, pain management, improve posture,  posture,

Stress/Anxiety Management

Headache,  Posture & Pain


In today's competitive society the demands of everyday life can leave us overwhelmed and 'short changed' in more than just the hip pocket - with many people playing catch up with their lives.

With little time to unplug, many of us are struggling to cope with some form of stress, fear, anxiety or all three.


This, if unresolved can and will lead to a myriad of concerns physically, emotionally and socially which will impact the quality of our connections with community and overall health.

My approach incorporates Therapeutic Touch to address the physical patterns of tension the mind associates with stress/anxiety while helping you formulate lifestyle and behavioral strategies to better approach life's challenges.


I also ally with various wellness traditions and professionals, to gear each consultation towards implementing practical life disciplines relevant to you.

There is nothing more debilitating than persistent aches & pain of which there can be many causes.


As an experienced Therapist, this is none more evident than in a persons posture which can suffer greatly, furthering common symptoms of headache, neck and back pain.


Massage and Tactile Therapies have been proven to effectively manage and relieve pain while improving posture, range of motion, statue and overall Wellbeing. 


Call today or inquire online to find out more.

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