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About Us

The focus of my practice is on clinical outcomes within a holistic healthcare and Chinese Medicine framework, equipping patients with knowledge and practical tools to better their health and lifestyle. My consultation is in compliment to, not in competition with conventional Western Medicine. This is a collaborative and allied model of healthcare, with each having it's time, place and emphasis in a patient's care. It is my vision that Lotus Palm Health & Wellness grow into a place not only where the public can access high quality healthcare, but where the community can form around a shared interest of vibrant health. In time and as we grow, it is my intention as a doctor of Chinese medicine and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Martial art that I am able to transport and introduce to my patients the values, disciplines, philosophies, art and culture of the People of China which have enriched my own life and elevated my own state of well-being.


Dr. Steven Wolfgang Sass



For patients, other healthcare disciplines and for our teachers and masters who generously shared their precious knowledge and experience so we might grow.



Of practice, professional insight, and engagement with patients and healthcare professionals.


To deliver services with the highest skill, proficiency and standards of professional practice every time.


The pursuit and striving for excellence in all facets of service delivery, conduct, patient engagement and the practice of Chinese medicine and healthcare.

Services & Products

Products used in a patients care have been chosen after extensive scrutiny for quality and efficacy, not simply branding, popularity or price. I choose the best I can find and reasonably afford, making a point to inform myself of quality markers through research and conversations with suppliers. This extends to equipment, herbal ingredients and medicaments used in compounding, and packaged products.

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