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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Drawing on thousands of years of collected knowledge, and utilised extensively in hospitals in China to this day.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has existed for thousands of years and has been refined and expanded upon over generations of dedicated physicians. This knowledge has been passed down through various ancient texts which are considered national treasures in China, and highly valued in other parts of the world such as Japan and Korea.


The raw form herbs at Lotus Palm are not only sourced from renowned regions in China, but are also Eurofin certified, and our own in-house processes keep these as fresh as possible and contaminant free before dispensing. There is keen interest in modern pharmaceutical research, with many studies helping to support what has been passed down through generations of Chinese medicine doctors and improve upon clinical outcomes and safety of Chinese Herbal prescriptions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine textbook, showing Chinese Medicine Herbs.

The benefits

An individualised prescription can be formulated, modified and adjusted to fit your evolving state of health. There is also wide versatility of these prescriptions, from pre-manufactured pills, granulated and powdered form, liquid decoction and even topical applications.

Your clinician will discuss these options with you at your appointment as required.

If you have any questions please ask your treating clinician at your appointment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine textbook, showing Chinese Medicine Herbs.

Initial Consultation
up to 60min

Your clinician will take a full comprehensive health and medical history in order to provide a well informed and appropriate treatment plan, and determine suitability of treatment. With particular focus on your polly-pharmacy (multiple pharmaceutical medications), diet and lifestyle history. This then informs a treatment prescription for herbal medicine compounding, which is customised to your individual requirements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine textbook, showing Chinese Medicine Herbs.

Follow - up
up to 30min

This is for returning patients with the same main concern or health issue, and treatment will follow your established treatment plan.


Your clinician will conduct a brief reassessment screening to keep your treatment evolving, and may make slight adjustments as appropriate.

Additional Information

Repeat prescriptions and Herbal products.

At times your clinician may approve repeats on your prescription. In this case no face-to-face appointment is necessary, only time needed to prepare your prescription. Please note that none of our herbal prescription or products can be purchased 'off the shelf', and must be approved by one of our clinical staff.

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