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Chinese Medicine                                                                    Duration

Initial Consultation + Treatment  - $140           60-75min

Follow-up + Treatment (same issue)    - $80-$95       30-45min

Initial Consultation (Consultation only)  - $90                  45min

Follow-up (Consultation only) - $50                  30min

* Extended follow-up appointments are available. Please consult with your treating clinician for suitability.

Chinese Herbal Medicine                                                   Duration

Initial (Consultation only)  - $90                   45min

Follow-up (returning with same issue) - $50                   30min

Repeat Prescription - $15*                  20min

*compounding fee for raw + granule herbs. This can take up to 20mins to process and dispense.

* 15% surcharge applies on public holidays and after hours.

Herbal Medicine Fees

Raw Herbs -     $15 to $35 per bag

Granule form -  $45 to $90 per week

Patient Pill form -     $30 to $45 (bottle)

*prices can vary depending upon compounding type, rarity/availability of ingredients, and formula composition.

Referral Services

  NDIS:               +$40

Workcover:   +$20 to $40

 TAC:               +$40

 Referral Letter Writing:         +$27.50


*Workcover and NDIS claims are subject to approval and referral from a GP. The above pricing is a guide only and Workcover/NDIS/TAC consultations may incur additional fees, which are determined on a case by case basis by the treating professional.  

Health Fund Rebates

On-the-Spot Rebates are available to Private health insurance holders via our HICAPS terminal.

  • Most Health Funds support a rebate for Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and remedial treatments. Please check with your fund provider directly regarding your individual cover.

  • For Chinese herbal medicine, a health fund rebate is available.

  • NDIS, TAC, Workcover rebates are also available.

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