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Policy, Terms & Service



As a professional clinic providing services to the public it is a requirement that all appointments be secured with a valid Credit/Direct Debit card. While we strive to uphold high standards of excellence and best practices, at any time during the course of providing services both the treating professional and/or patient can halt or terminate the session. In this event discussion and collaboration with the principle clinician and/or head administrator will commence to seek clarity for the reasons this session was halted, and arrive at a satisfactory outcome for all parties concerned.


Reservations are strictly by appointment. All bookings are held against the details of a valid Credit/Direct Debit card, to be submitted at the time of booking. An appointment can be altered (alternate service OR time) during the same trading day within 6 hours of the original appointment subject to availability (time slot and suitable staff). Within this time frame alterations cannot be guaranteed. In the event a suitable arrangement cannot be achieved and you choose not to attend the appointment, the terms outlined in the cancellation policy listed below will be in effect.


Payments can be processed via credit/direct debit card, or cash on-site. Receipts will be emailed directly upon successful payment or hard-copy on request.


A 24 hour grace period is required to cancel your appointment, and any deposits refunded to the debited credit card supplied when confirming the appointment. Cancellations made after this time are liable to pay 60% of the full fee of the cancelled service(s), at the sole discretion of administration. Otherwise any deposits can be used to reserve an alternate booking (same or alternate day), once again at the discretion of administration.

No show

In the event of a 'no show' for an appointment, the full service fee will be forfeit for that appointment and charged to the supplied Credit/Direct Debit card at the time of booking.

Administration reserves the right to request a full prepaid deposit on future appointments from 'no-show' customers, or to deny service to a no-show customer. This will be at our sole discretion.


Please endeavour to call the clinic directly to notify of any cancellations within 24 hours.


Thank you.

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